Bob and Sandy BrownAt Summer Hill Horse Farm we approach everything we do with pride and attention to detail.  We study pedigrees before a breeding to make the best pairings.  When our foals are born they have the best of veterinary care and lots of turnout for developing their joints, bodies and coordination.  The young horses are handled daily so that they develop into respectful and confident horses even before they learn what a bit and saddle are.

When it is time to start the young horses under saddle, owner Bob Brown ensures that their start is quiet and logical.  Bob has been a respected surgeon in the Des Moines area.  He carries that sort of logical mindset to his horse training and managing his farm.  Summer Hill Farms is the ideal place for a young horse to start out on the road to a successful life.

Whether you are looking for your next show horse, a feathery Gypsy Vanner or want to run for the roses, Summer Hill Farms is the place to start.

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Summer Hill Horse Farms
Bob and Sandy Brown
Waukee, IA


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Bob & Sandy Brown
Waukee, Iowa
Bob's Cell: 515-343-9993
Sandy's Cell: 515-240-0403.
Email: rbrown9796@gmail.com


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